Glass votive

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Glass votive

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      Colour: Yellow, grey, white
      Material: Glass
      Additional info: Handmade items may vary in pattern and colours
      Measures: D:10x9 cm
      Weight: 0.235 kg

      The colours of spring are usually very welcome in our homes.
      After a dark winter period, the eye longs for something bright and colourful and when the sun is out we immediately feel like picking the joys of nature and bringing them into our houses.

      We are grateful that we, in collaboration with our skilled Indian glassblowers, have created a series of votives that bring out exactly this spring feeling in all of us.

      The votives are mouth-blown and all are hand-painted with a wet in wet technique which makes them the same but still all unique.
      Just like the objects of nature. The reactive paint creates unique images and colour compositions on each votive.

      We hope you will enjoy the feeling of spring as much as we do.

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