Round seagrass rug w/ fringes

Item number: KSC261S
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Round seagrass rug w/ fringes

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      Colour: Natural
      Material: Seagrass
      Additional info: Natural materials may vary in shape and colour
      Measures: D:120 cm
      Weight: 1.700 kg

      Transform a carpet into a lampshade.
      Pull a cord through the middle of the rug - make a little extra space for the plug if you use one of our bulb holders.

      Hang the lampshade in the ceiling and enjoy the exotic feeling and the warm, soft light that penetrates the twisted grass.

      If you, like us, think it's great to use this rug as a lampshade please be sure to use a LED bulb to avoid getting a hot bulb against the grass material that the rug is made of.

      You'll find our selection of bulbs and bulb holders under LIGHTING

      EAN: 2500561711561