AutumnWinter20 collection

Home is where the heart is!
Our homes are more important than ever and Madam Stoltz is dedicated to make your home both personal and inspiring. Our AW20 collection reflects a conscientious creativity and a global vision for joint hope and responsibility. We hope that you will be inspired by this collection of warm colors, natural materials and items of peaceful and soothing cosiness.

Authentic living

The materials of AW20
In the Autumn·Winter ’20 collection we use and work a lot with natural and authentic materials like bamboo, sea grass, wood, stone, iron and recycled glass and a mix of them giving that ‘Madam Stoltz look and touch’
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Using natural materials such as grass and recycled wood brings an original and unique touch to your home sweet home

remade woods and hand hammered iron

Autumn moods and winter feeling

The colours of AW20
The colours of the Autumn·Winter ’20 collection reflect very much the cozy autumn moods and the feeling of winter ...and not at least Christmas. The main colours 'Moss green', 'Capers', 'Sugar Almond' and 'Ivory' give substance to the season we're in. - read more >

The new range of dried flowers shows the full colour scale and reflect the variety of warm, authentic and earthy shades

colourful contrasts

Bohemiam cosiness and soft living

The textiles of AW20
The Home textiles are always a very big part our collections - AW20 is no exception. Subtle combinations of materials and colourful patterns and prints - all inspired by original Indian textiles and traditions - read more >

side by side