30 years ago Pernille packed her bags and went to India on adventure. She immediately lost her heart to India and started selling jewellery to finance her travels. The locals named the young Danish adventurer ‘Madam’. Little did Pernille know that this trip would be the start of the Madam Stoltz journey as you know it today.

The amazing journey

When returning to Copenhagen, opening up a small shop selling her designs, the name Madam Stoltz came to her mind and was chosen. Today Madam Stoltz is an interior decoration and design company situated on Pernille Stoltz’ birthplace - the little Danish island Bornholm - with 25 employees and customers all over the world.

Everyday life in the warehouse on Bornholm
Pernille follows the production in India

25 years of Boho Living

Last summer, we not only released the AW22 collection, we were also celebrating our 25 years anniversary of Boho Living :) And 25 years of memories. We think it is so nice sharing the story with you – Please click on the video teaser below to see the full version of the anniversary video.

A dedication for life

Madam Stoltz specializes in interior decoration and design. Our collections represent consciously handmade and creative designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam. From textiles to furniture and lamps – from practical accessories to cozy need-to-haves. At Madam Stoltz we are dedicated to our close relationships and cooperation with our suppliers.


To know where you are heading, it’s crucial to know where you come from. Many of you know Madam Stoltz as the company we are today. But we have a story that goes long back the time. Some of you have heard it, but not many of you have seen it. So here it is.

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