Healed by nature

Finding balance is a tricky thing. It is a series of small adjustments we all have to carefully carry out every day. It applies to relationships, work, food, wine, design, music – yes, pretty much all aspects of life.
And the planet. Sometimes we need to make big adjustments without losing balance. At Madam Stoltz we always try to find ways of giving beautiful things a second chance · like the dried flowers, re-blooming their natural beauty. Experience the joy of balanced living where nature plays the lead role.




The bundles of typha grass are new in our selection of dried flowers. They may not have the power of healing, but for sure they are very decorative re-blooming with their natural beauty.

Decorative grasses & leaves

Healing can also be the feeling of warmness by soaking your feet into soft rugs and runners of tufted cotton. Geometric and organic patterns and colours melt together in a perfect balance and look.

Soft tufted rugs & runners