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Like the rest of India, our dear friends at the Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society is right now fighting hard against the second wave of Covid19. Many families are affected by the deadly virus – everyone is in fear and in trauma, facing many challenges ahead. People are starving and many have lost their jobs.

We need your help to beat Covid19

We sincerely hope you will contribute and support Nai Disha helping children and families in their fight against Covid19.

Spring Summer 2021

Wandering back to nature

The SS21 collection is a tribute to everything that surrounds us and shapes us. To the different colours, materials and textures we bring back home from our journeys. Wander back to nature with us and explore our collection of soft sorbet and light creamy colours, the earthy tones and shades of green and the natural colours of recycled materials.

Step into the new collection and get inspired to a HOME SWEET HOME of spring and summer.


SS21 release video >





Madam Stoltz is a lifestyle company known for our characteristic Boho-style – a combination of the cold and calm Scandinavia and the warm and colourful Asia. Our items range from textiles to furniture and lamps, from practical accessories to cozy need-to-haves. Madam Stoltz is based on the small Danish island Bornholm, from where we design, order and ship to the whole world. 

Let nature be your playground!