Made by hand · Chosen by heart

Madam Stoltz is an interior design and decoration firm offering consciously handmade designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship · from textiles to furniture and lamps – from practical accessories to cozy need-to-haves. Our head office is located on the small Danish island Bornholm. The Madam Stoltz collection is sold in shops all over the world. Read more >

A Madam Stoltz collection always represent consciously handmade and creative designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship.

The Autumn-Winter 2023 collection is no exception!

SS23 ITB Collection1

Human touch is everything

Close collaboration with renowned Indian manufacturers and their families, traditions and the wisdom of generations means everything.

MADAM STOLTZ is a lifestyle company known for its characteristic boho-style, a smooth combination of the cold and calm Nordics and the warm and spiritual Asia. Read more >

SS23 ITB Nature

In my heart · Nai Disha

With a wish to give just a little bit back to the country that has given Madam Stoltz so much, we are supporting the Nai Disha project in New Delhi since 2010, with more than 450 children and their families under its wings.

Nai Disha means New Direction in Hindi. At Nai Disha children and young people from slum areas are given the opportunity to get a new direction in life. Read more >

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