WE ARE ALL influenced by the natural environment that surrounds us. Once in a while we need a break from our fast-paced society – a calm and cozy spot where we can relax and re-energise. By making room for ourselves, we create that extra space needed to let others in.

To help you get in the right mood, we have carefully selected warm and delicate materials to surround you and help you relax. Sublime and uneven pieces that are not too refined make life more interesting and adventurous.

See our AW22 release video and be inspired to create your very own healing hideaway. 


The Autumn·Winter '22 collection is a unique blend of delicate tones of autumn. We present brass and bamboo items made by hand by skilled craftsmen and women in India. Handmade baskets braided in small huts in the mountains of Morocco. One-of-a-kind throws made from old saris and fabrics in the dessert of Rajasthan. Hand-painted paper mache ornaments made by gifted artisans in Kashmir. All combined with recycled cotton textiles in our characteristic boho-style.

Enjoy the new collection – as always: MADE BY HAND · CHOSEN BY HEART

HEALING HIDEAWAY Some people seek deep into the woods, others to cabins by the sea or huts up in the mountains. But most of us try to find a healing hideaway in our everyday life.
WINTER RETREATS Soon we will be approaching dark and cold nights, rainy days and winter storms that will shake away summer.