The universe is a complex thing. When I was a child, I used to love laying in my bed looking at the moon and the stars, being amazed that all people in the world sleep under the same ceiling. Throughout my adult life, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world. Every night, wherever I am, I do the same thing: I look at the moon and the stars and instantly feel calm and connected.

See our SS22 release video and enjoy the cosmic connections – Made by hand · Chosen by heart


The Spring·Summer '22 collection is all about cosmic connections. The feeling of belonging no matter where we are. And the feeling that we are all united even though culture, religion and time zones divide us.

Because the colours of the universe are the same wherever we go – blue, lilac and velvet tones of black filled with sparkling starlight. But depending on where in the world we are, the colours and textures on the ground differ. When mixed with the overarching cosmic colours, they create a truly unique blend. SS22 is a tribute to all these unique blends.

Enjoy the new collection – as always:

HELLO NEW DAY Very low key, very boho, sleeping on the beach with new friends and connections. Cosmic connections.
COSMIC SUMMER NIGHTS Welcome warm summer nights. Dim the sun and light up a lantern – look at the darkening sky and feel the magic of day shifting into night.