How we work

A Madam Stoltz Collection is always chosen by heart and made by hand. The unique, handmade interior and decoration items are the results of a journey through cultures and a fondness for nature. Over the years Pernille has gathered a family of manufacturers in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam - each with its special local traditions and techniques. Together with her husband Peter, Pernille is personally involved in all Madam Stoltz projects, from handmade baskets made from Moroccan palm leaves to the Nai Disha project which supports children and young people in New Delhi.

At Madam Stoltz, we collaborate with a small group of carefully selected suppliers. We consider them our friends and treat them like family. We have worked with many of our suppliers through our 25 years in business. We work with them because they are skilled, they offer good conditions in the production – and because they treat their employees good.
Follow Pernille Stoltz on a visit of a couple of suppliers in India.

The curious adventurer

The undeterred curiosity, creativity and passion developed by Pernille Stoltz have been her sources of inspiration for transforming a small, local lifestyle shop into a flourishing lifestyle project. Inspiration from the colourful, cultural sensuality of India and the rugged contrasts of Bornholm’s countryside is embodied in all Madam Stoltz designs – in everything from soft textiles to cosily lighting, practical utensils and charming accessories.

Made by hand · breathtaking India

Balancing the contrasts

The contrasts between the peaceful Bornholm bedrock with its remarkable rough-hewn shapes and India’s multicoloured beauty set the scene for the creative process in which Pernille Stoltz develops her ideas. Inspired by both worlds, the potential of the materials unites with unique clean lines, functionality and artisanal beauty. She personally monitors the production process and develops new ideas in close collaboration with renowned small Indian manufacturers and their families, traditions and the wisdom of generations.

Made by hand · Chosen by heart