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Pernille lost her heart to India more than 30 years ago. With a wish to give just a little bit back to the country that has given Madam Stoltz so much, we have been supporting the Nai Disha project in New Delhi since 2010, with more than 450 children and their families under its wings.

A new direction

Nai Disha means new direction in Hindi. At the Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society children and young adults from the slum areas of New Delhi are offered free basic education and basic skills such as Cooking, Gardening, Vocal music, Tabla, Dance, Theatre, Electrical courses etc. Acknowledging that some of the most valuable lessons in life are learning basic skills, such as hand wash and hygienic disease prevention, the Nai Disha Project also offers health education.

We are proud that we are able to contribute to the future of these children and their families. The stories of these strong children, their progress and their results are admirable and each time we visit the community, we are amazed by their cheerful approach and eagerness to learn.

A social investment

In 2015 Madam Stoltz started a partnership with the mothers of the children. They create beautiful handcrafted items for our collections and are thereby given a place for social life as well as earning the funds to run their homes. It is a social investment in the families that provide them with both dignity and independence.

Social life and work is united
Visiting the amazing and cool kids at Nai Disha

India is forever in our hearts and Nai Disha is a lifelong commitment - giving back to the country that has given us our company :)

In my heart · Nai Disha

“By supporting the wonderful Nai Disha project I am so pleased to give just a little bit back to the country that has given me so much”– Pernille Stoltz

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Nai Disha · New Direction