Sometimes the best way to revitalize yourself is to be completely unavailable and put yourself in an island state of mind. It starts the second you embark a tiny ferry to a remote island. Time ceases to exist. You escape the ties of everyday life and let the sun, the wind and your immediate desires guide you through the day.

See our SS23 release video and be inspired by our SS23 collection – a tribute to the simple island life.



Our SS23 collection is a tribute to the simple island life. On an island you use what you have on hand and live in harmony with nature and the elements.
A quiet sunny day can suddenly shift to heavy rain and wind. And vice versa.
You live more spontaneously and open-minded and that sparks your creativity. You start to mix exclusive items with driftwood, stones and flowers from the surrounding nature. It is easy to set up an outdoor kitchen or decorate the boathouse and turn it into an extra bedroom. Soften up some stones in the garden with cushions to make an extra sofa for an impromptu party. We love the atmosphere and mindset you get when you allow life to be created by chance. Just for a while.

Enjoy the new collection – as always: MADE BY HAND · CHOSEN BY HEART

THE COMBINATION OF nature, the human mind and what we can do with our hands is what makes island life so inspiring. This is also the signature of this collection – natural materials, shaped by nature and made by hand. A collection of unique items with traces from the hand or the tool that made it.
WAKE UP YOUR BODY the moment you kiss the fresh water. Find a sunny seat among the rocks, sheltered from the wind. Eat when you are hungry, go to bed when you feel like it. Repeat.